09 October, 2021

My Blogging and Other Plans

   At first, I was thinking to wait for my full scale marketing of the brand. Then I realized it wasn't the best move. So, I've been learning about starting a business and registering a trademark. I thought to have had things together, but I didn't have everything where it should be. I've been working to better plan out my marketing and branding. I mean not wait anymore. 

   I did ditch the other images for the original ones I'll use for my brand. At first I didn't consider Tikaani Moon as a brand, but just a pen name. Now, I have other product ideas. So I expanded it. 

   So, I noticed a drop with my blog because I've been absent. I had better views and a follow when I posted more often. I remember posting almost everyday, but I don't think I can post every single day. What my plan is to post on Wednesday and on the Weekend. I aim for Saturday, but if I miss it, then I'll post on Sunday. School and this whole move has consumed a lot of my time. I am aware I have a variety of different readers, not just in the same age group. I don't want to scare away those who cannot relate to college and millennial stuff, but I really like posting about it. I'll probably continue these posts until I turn 30. 

   As far as for school though, I'll probably take after my mom who never stopped studying for different majors. Like I said in an older post, I have entertained the thought of furthering my healthcare career for Biomedical Engineering or becoming a Doctor. I know it takes about 10 to 12 years of medical training, but then I also wanted to become a Military Historian. So don't know...

   Anyway, I wanted to cover the illustration plan I mentioned before. I bought the Duoduogo tablet, but learned it's not compatible with Procreate which is the reason I bought it. Then I found another drawing tool on Google Play called Sketchbook. I know about Photoshop and I have academic access to it so it's free. This tablet is more compatible with apps, but I have trouble with the Photoshop app. So, I'm not sure if I should get an iPad. Apple's been offering tablets through my email since I have an iPhone, but I wasn't sure until now. I'm currently using my tablet for writing and school, not the drawing thing. It's not the best for illustration. I probably should've did more research before purchasing. I usually do but I guess I was thinking cheap. I can't seem to connect the pen to the tablet, but I can draw with my finger. I'm not sure what I'll do.

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