13 October, 2021

Want to Play: Kingdom Hearts on Nintendo Switch

   Kingdom Hearts is a game that I've always wanted to play but never got around to it. Then I saw Kingdom Hearts 3 and I was very excited about it. My favourite part was the rollercoaster and the fireworks. Very beautiful. I loved the colours and I knew I had to play to see it for myself. I wanted to have a VR experience, but I wasn't sure if I could because flashing lights trigger my seizures. Of course I can play without the VR, but the experience won't be the same. Well, perhaps I'll skip it. My family already played it and now I think it's my turn to finally play Kingdom Hearts. I'm a huge Disney fan. It gave me wonderful childhood memories and I think Disney is very magical and special. 

   I love that it features Goofy, Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Pirates of the Caribbean, Toy Story and I even loved Monsters Inc. It's interesting how this game combines anime and Disney together. Sora (cool name), is an interesting character. 

   Then I heard the Kingdom Hearts was coming to Nintendo Switch for the 20th anniversary followed by the announcement Sora was coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. I've ran across Game Rant and the theory as to how he was chosen as the final DLC fighter. The theory surfaced from a Tik Tok user named xflashdanielx, and how it was believed the transition occurred during the second Kingdom Hearts game. This is another game I never played but wanted to. I didn't have a Nintendo Switch until now. Even though I never played it, I've been carefully watching who'll be the next DLC fighters throughout the entire time. My favourite announcement was the Banjo-Kazooie one and how they were just raring to go. I played this one a few times (recent years), and would love to see a remaster. 

   Anyway, I heard the trilogy was coming to Nintendo Switch. I remember always seeing Kingdom Hearts in my subscription magazine Game Informer. I always said, one day I'll play that game. I am happy to say today will be that day. I really wanted to stream my gameplay though. So, not sure if I would actually just get it on one of my other consoles. The Nintendo Switch is a bit more convenient because it's also a handheld game. I didn't notice how it wasn't on the Nintendo Switch being that the Nintendo fits the whole anime theme. I didn't notice because I just assumed it was already playable through this console.

   So, I'll let everyone know when I play this game and my thoughts. 

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