02 October, 2021

Want to Play List: Demon Slayer - The Hinokami Chronicles

So, I probably shouldn't be writing this in the middle of the night, but I wanted to meet the Saturday deadline I gave myself for posting. Sorry if there are any errors. I didn't write this on a computer... Anyway....

I wanted to start this series where I share what game I want to play, and will possibly stream. I can't stream yet on my Nintendo Switch until getting my laptop together. Actually, I decided to buy a new gaming laptop. I can however stream games on my Xbox One and Playstation 4. 

I started having an interest in Anime games when I first played a Naruto game. Plus, when my sister introduced these sort of games to me. I first heard of this 'Demon Slayer' series from of course, my sister. Actually, I was drawn to the girl wearing the pink kimono. I wondered, who is she?! My sister told me, "Oh, that's Nezuko from Demon Slayer." What first interests me was a few TikTok videos, where people showed their cool Nezuko merchandise. Then other videos, I saw this blond with fire. I just thought it was also cool. So, I asked about this character, and found out he's also from Demon Slayer. 

Anyway, I never watched a single episode, but I was interested by a YouTube video announcing a new game. I sometimes watch game trailers to determine if I want to play. Well, actually what I viewed was a few minutes of gameplay from a Japanese channel. This showed 13 minutes of a story mode and free roam. Then next I viewed a few versus gameplay, following by The New Ultimate Arts. It looked pretty cool to me. It has the same little style as the newest Naruto games. I really love fighting games, but most importantly, I enjoy looking at the incredible colours and art in Anime games. No, I never watched the series, but there's plenty of games I played without watching the series or films. Like I play Star Wars games even though I never watched the movies. So, even though I am unfamiliar with the story and characters, I'm still interested in playing. 

From what I saw on Google, the release date will be on October 13th. I am interested in going along with the story through gameplay. It looks pretty interesting. 

And, honestly I don't know what else to write. So, I'll leave it there but may add more to this later. 

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