17 November, 2021

Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Plus Happy Home Paradise!)

 I finally was able to play Animal Crossing: New Horizons and I've been playing for a few months now. You start out in tents, and develop your island to whatever you want it to be. I love Animal Crossing is flexible for everyone's taste. People all over the world have done impressive things with their island and the pro-designs. From Harry Potter, Japanese towns, and to even scenes from films. It's incredible. I did learn it's better to have some idea of where you're going with your theme though. 

I named my island Starlite. I was trying to think of something fast, and something that sounds enchanting. It's kind of difficult if you don't have a name already in mind, and plus, you can't change the name unless restarting your island. I think Starlite suits the theme. I've themed Tikaani Moon around fantasy, and so my island has to be the same. Actually, my name is Angel in the game, not Tikaani. I didn't think of it until afterwards. 

As time goes on, you get to see progress and evolving on your island. You get a museum, Timmy and Tommy open up an official shop, and most importantly, you get a Boutique. I have become a fashionista in the game. I have collected all of the lolita styled dresses. Plus, I also love the vintage clothing and the darker stuff for when I want to change up my look. My storage is filled with clothes. I started giving some away to my villagers. 

Speaking of villagers, it's interesting how you get to have 10 villagers on your island. Each comes with their own personality and theme. The random ones I started off with are Roald, Renee, and Norma. It's pretty interesting how they get to know you as they stay on your island. Anyway, I have favourites, but Rosie is my number one villager. I first interacted with her through the Pocket Camp mobile game, and I knew she had to come to my island. The only thing I wish was that you could have more than 10 villagers on your island. With all of the ones I like, it's hard choosing just 10. It's fair though since you have limited space.

KK Slider, the famous singing dog after having a four star rating on your island. You check through Isabelle and select what's my eval. To boost your rating, your suppose to spruce up your island. This is by cleaning up, decorating according Isabelle's suggestion. It took a while for me to get a four staring rating because I didn't have 10 villagers on my island. So, I had to get some amiibo cards and start inviting some to the campsite. Online states it takes 3 days of inviting the same villager to convince them to move on the island. First, you build stuff they want you to make for them for 3 days. There was one like Vesta that took 4 days of convincing.


My first Animal Crossing Halloween. I was talking to a villager I invited named Julian. I collected seasonal items and made things that went with the holiday. On Halloween, I was introduced to Jack, an interesting character with a Jack o' Lantern head. He asked for lollipops. The villagers approached to get candy; I gave them the candy that I collected and in return, they gave lollipops. Returning to Jack, he gave gifts in exchange. After awhile, he started giving out the same items, and so I decided to keep the lollipops.

The New Update

I didn't watch when Nintendo announced the updates, but I watched a YouTube video sharing what was updated. I immediately got the Happy Home Paradise, a feature that allows you to go to work as you decorate vacation homes. It allowed me to see many villagers I never saw before. Each of them have their own style, and you select the right island for their vacation home, then decorate the exterior and interior around a specific theme.    

Picking out the location for your first customer was interesting...


When you've finished decorating the outside and inside of the vacation home, you see this once telling the animal you're finished with the house. For the job, you earn Poki. I thought it was interesting Poki can only be spent on that island and no where else. With this, you buy furniture and other items on display. It changes everyday.


I put the fountain indoors to give an enchanting look...


After completing 10 homes, I was asked to fix up a building which would be a school. 


Then you set up a Cafe. Well, I chose to make up the cafe first. 


I thought this was so funny how the Dodos have odd code names for each other. 


And of course, Kapp'n. I saw he's suppose to take you on deserted islands. This is where you can collect items not on your island like coconut which wasn't on my island. I found out you must have used the airport to visit another island before using this service. You get to take this trip once per day, and it costs nook miles.

And here's the part shown during the announcement. This is when Kapp'n sings a song while taking you to a deserted island. 

I didn't do the Brewster thing yet. I'll post whenever I do though. So, I am happy to have had the Animal Crossing experience. I remember always hearing people talk about it for years, and I wondered why people were so obsessed with this game. Now, I kind of see. I'll make sure to share more updates soon...

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