03 November, 2021

IWSG: November 3rd, 2021


It's time for another Insecure Writer's Support Group post. Please visit the link for more information.

"What's harder to do, coming up with your book title or writing the blurb?"

For me, coming up with the title is harder than writing up a blurb. I write up a summary during the time I jot down notes and ideas. This is the document where I plan the entire book before I even write it. I work a blurb around this summary and around the plot. 

I've been learning about marketing, and I believe a blurb is just a pitch to your intended audience. I ask, how can I explain what the book is about in one simple sentence? So, I have a short blurb version and also a long one that shares more details. 

The book titles and even titles for my other projects get harder to create. Many of my projects do not have titles, but I title the document the genre. Sometimes, this is enough for me to remember. However, being that I have a ton of projects already, I can forget what I called the document. So, I created a list of my projects, and tried renaming the documents with the genre, but also with a keyword or theme, or even the name of the main character which helps me keep track of my documents. 

I don't have titles for any of my recent projects. I create the notes document, create the outline, and begin writing, hopefully to have a good title later on. Actually, my fantasy series originally didn't have a title. It also went through a few title changes until becoming "Polar Qimuktis". I was very glad to know I created a unique title that I meticulously picked. I'm aiming to do this with at least the first three projects, have one of a kind titles. I've learned about titling books from various sources. I learned to create something catchy, attention grabbing, but it must be easy to remember. Well, this is what I've learned at least, but I think these guidelines help create good titles. 


  1. Titles are hardest for me.
    There is the logline, which is one line. Then the blurb, which is two to three short paragraphs. I'm all right with those.

  2. You sound like you have a good organised system.


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