13 November, 2021

Life in a Cloud Blog

I have decided to separate the topics. I remember posting about kawaii, lolita, and even doll stuff. I now realize those topics don't fit the whole Tikaani theme. The colour scheme is black, grey, white, blue, with perhaps a hint of yellow or red. This doesn't read pastel aesthetics. This is why I decided to start a new blog on WordPress since I notice Tikaani Moon receives better responses there than on Blogger. 

I'll incorporate new images I will create once I draw them up. These are currently used. 

An art illustration of Evelyn Nesbit, which was an early 1900's model. I will perhaps redo this illustration since I see how easy it is to do. 

Here is the illustration of Audrey Hepburn. I'm a huge fan, but there are other vintage beauties I wanted to illustrate in Procreate. 

Life in a Cloud was created actually a few years ago. The concept at least. I wanted a safe haven for people who dress not only in lolita fashion, but who wears steampunk, historical clothing, goth, and even superhero outfits. Whatever the world deems "not normal".  My own fashion choices inspired this. I know you get strange stares and bad comments because of your style, and it expands to the internet. I just thought there should be more safe havens. Right now, I've posted on kawaii lifestyle. For this whole year though, I haven't been too kawaii. I've been leaning towards wolf, and stuff that fits the Tikaani Moon theme. I'll soon return to this style though. For now, I posted what I learned about having a kawaii lifestyle. That's why I shared what I've learned. The blog isn't solely for kawaii, but other styles. I am coming up with different posts to have a variation.

Why Life in a Cloud? Because everyone always assume people who dress like us aren't in the real world. We have our heads in the clouds too much, but I say the world is full of possibilities. You can just do you; do whatever makes you happy regardless of other's opinion. This is the motto I live by each day. 

So, this is another project I've been working on. As always, I'll make sure to share another post soon.

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