06 November, 2021

My Recent Stream

   My recent stream on Twitch shows the Demon Slayer game I said I'll play in a previous post. I was a bit hesitant which was the reason to my delay. However, I finally decided to just buy the game. My sister was really excited being a huge Demon Slayer fan. I wasn't for sure at first if she watched the series, but I think she did. I never got around to watching it, but I was tempted to watch at least one episode.

   I set up the whole Twitch thing, and then started the game. If viewing the stream, you'll see it asking about a profile repetitively. That was me trying to set it up. Finally, you see a screen which you must select a button to start the game. What I remember, you see this guy wearing a mask and hear someone saying something. I was too busy trying to skip it to hear anything. That's why you'll see an abrupt pause. I wasn't sure if I was able to skip it, so I gave up. 

   Next, I see a screen which tells you all about the health bar at the top left corner. I didn't quite get the whole idea of the timer thing, and that's why I took so long rereading it again, and again. 

   Then a whole versus style thing started. I now know Aniplex, the same company who makes the Naruto games also made this one. Pretty cool. Anyway, I was trying to get the feel of how the game works, which was me spinning around and avoiding my opponent. Since my sister wanted to play, I handed the controller to her. I walked away after that, so I am not too sure what happened... Well, I did check on her progress and even helped her when she was stuck. I plan on playing the game personally so I can properly review the game. I'll make sure to post again once I do. 

   Anyway, what I did see, the story mode was interesting. I see the story follows the dude in the green. I wasn't too familiar with this character. That's probably because not too many fan videos feature him (probably didn't notice). I actually had to Google his name to know it's Tanjiro. Very cool name by the way. From what I gathered, he's training to become some sort of a demon slayer thing? Sorry if I'm wrong. I don't know the series. You'll follow Tanjiro's journey in becoming a stronger fighter. The first scene, you'll see this Sabito character helping him become better. They were fighting with real swords as it says. I also saw the whole "coming of age" theme. Anyone could see that. 

   So, I think the appropriate thing would be to end it here. I'll make sure to share more updates soon...

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