10 November, 2021

New Logo in Progress

 As I said before, Tikaani Moon is getting a new logo. I left the current images up just until I figure out what the new images should be. I'll create a few images I'll use for social media, and selling use. Through my studying on branding and logo design throughout the years, I developed an idea of what should be created. I would just like to replace the current one before I start selling products. 

I stumbled upon my old drawings, and thought they weren't bad concepts at all. The drawings would be great if they were upgraded. I haven't gotten around to redrawing them, but I will soon. I am just unsure which would be good for a logo, or should I just create something new? Although, I already have a concept for the logo, in which I developed this idea back in 2013. That's where the idea for my header came from, from my rough sketch of a logo. This header I wouldn't call a logo, but the sketch looks more like one. I knew it had to represent my projects and the Tikaani Moon theme. I believe it still does. We have the Tikaani wolf, the full moon, and the sword you see in the header. The only difference is that it's made to suit a logo design. 

I did have a unique art style that I would like to improve on. I mean, I would like to work on developing the style. All I must do is find the style that would fit the theme. 

So, I'm currently relooking over drawings I think should be redrawn, better of course. Also, I am viewing tutorials and will soon start upgrading the drawings. I'm hoping to have a new and improved logo soon. I'll make sure to share more updates soon too... 


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