24 November, 2021

Retracting a Previously Recommended Video

 In my previous post, I remember recommending a video by Ted-Ed How to Write Fiction that Comes Alive. For years I thought this advice was correct since most in the writing industry tell you to write in the way the video suggests. After furthering my education, I realized it was wrong. My mom who is also at a doctoral level gave me a few of her links and books from college, which teaches about using unnecessary wording. 

It's not bad to write creatively or poetically, but I believe the point is writing in a way that most cannot understand. 

When learning about writing at the University of Michigan, there was a discussion about how many are annoyed when people can't write plainly. This is not what's taught in the publishing world, for I studied it for years to know they advise against using plain sentences. There was even pressure on writing to a specific level, and complicating your words to make you sound more educated. I recently learned this is unnecessary to do. People can be aware of your intelligence without confusing others. What most of this does is confuse the general public, and cut off your viewers. Only a select few would be able to relate and understand what you're saying. 

In books, especially fictional writing, most of the target audience wouldn't be college professors, but the average human being. Many of the readers also targeted are from ages 12-29. So, would the average person at this age understand a sentence with lots of complicated words, and fancy structuring? The answer is no. I mean, I don't underestimate what they do understand. I am aware how times have evolved the children's minds. What the average teen didn't understand then, they now understand a whole lot than people realize. However, I think the level of comprehension is originating from a different aspect.

At this university, I learned the whole purpose of writing is to let others convey what you want to communicate. It's to persuade others, but to do this, they must first understand what you're saying. I have run across plenty of writers and even professors who write in complicated ways. You say a whole lot of fancy stuff, when you can break it down in shorter, simpler words. I think this is what held me back for years. I always doubted my writing because of the advice of publishers, authors, editors, and literary agents. They teach to write at a higher level, and expect others to be at this level. What they don't realize is that the common reader is not. They shouldn't have to decipher what's being written, it should already be concise for them. 

So, this is what I've recently learned. I'll end it there and will give more updates soon.

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