• Tikaani Moon is an original brand for an author who originally wanted to publish anonymously, but I was forced to not go anonymous.

    In the brand, Tikaani Moon is considered a mysterious character who is a drifter, a traveller of time who travels to seek for knowledge and to tell stories. She is considered a solitary soul who loves walks in the forest and to write down everything she has learned through the years of seeking for more education.

    Tikaani Moon also studies history, especially the American Civil War, World War II, Vietnam War, War of 1812, English Civil War, Kosovo War, Georgian War, and other historic wars. For about 7 years she has been studying the American Civil War, and for about 9 years, Tikaani Moon studied World War II. She even took classes for The Civil War and Reconstruction Era and Nazi Germany and the Holocaust. In addition to that, Tikaani Moon studied and took several classes related to the American Old West history.

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