I started writing back in 2004, but I felt I was not ready to publish. For the past 14 years, I've conducted extensive research, take writing courses and getting help from my family's professional background, I have enhanced my writing abilities until I was ready to publish.

First, My Book Genres...

I write a lot of Fantasy, Action/Adventure, Science Fiction, Horror books, but I have experimented in other genres as well. Many are cross-genres. They are Steampunk, Dark Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Western, Weird West, Dystopia, Utopia, Epic Fantasy, Realistic Fiction, Narrative Nonfiction, Paranormal, Thriller, Detective, Crime/Mystery, YA, Apocalyptic & Post-Apocalyptic, Memoir, Space Opera, Supernatural and so many other genres. I write for both fiction and nonfiction. 

Polar Qimuktis Book One Coming Soon!

Stay tuned to know when this book will be available. I will add the link when it's ready:

"Lama, a 24 year old just left her tribe from the Sioux reservation in Canada to live with her seven sled dogs in the Yukon. Even though she left her tribe, the folklore stories that were told never left her. However, soon Lama finds herself experiencing unexplainable things in her town, and pretty soon she discovers the folklore that she remembered her tribe always telling isn't a myth, but it is real. Lama and her dogs end up getting caught up in a war between good and evil, and there, she decides to choose good and seeks to begin a quest to save the Quidel Army, a long forgotten kingdom.
An Arctic Fantasy Adventure that brings a diverse circle of cultures together in one story. This is the first book that's a part of a six book series that's sure to bring readers on an epic Arctic adventure that's filled with action, suspense and mythical wonder. It has upgraded sled dogs to a whole new level."

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