Back in 2005, I began developing ideas for games. Over the years, I sort of forgot about these projects until my family recently suggested that I develop them. Therefore, in 2016, I began developing concepts for games with more in-depth details. I have been also pursuing a career as a Narrative Designer. This is a person who is hired on a part of a game developing team, doing all of the writing aspects of game development. Over the years I have done research on game designing and game creation (with the help of some courses). I am starting games for PC, consoles and mobile devices. Most fall into the Anime, Japanese role-playing category. Below are the current game ideas I'm working on. I will share genres and themes for now...

Ongoing Projects:

  1. First Person Shooter: This was the first game idea I created. Originally, it had a French setting, but I changed it into a Korean themed game with a few French elements.
  2. Paranormal JRPG: My second game I created. Obviously, this is an Anime themed game.
  3. Shounen Action/Adventure: A game series based upon my Shounen manga series.
  4. Tournament Adventure Game: This is also based upon one of my Shounen manga series. It involved creatures and tournaments. Those who perhaps liked Pokemon would enjoy this game. 
  5. Life Simulation: A casual life simulated game. Perhaps fans of Sims would enjoy this one.
  6. Lolita Mobile Game: A game for those who appreciates Lolita fashion, and/or Japanese fashion and the Japanese kawaii culture.
  7. RPG: Yes, this is my first Western styled RPG.
  8. Dog Game: A game for those who loves dog sports.
  9. Another Dog Game: A dog lover's ideal game.
  10. Christian Game: A Christian based game. This is actually the only Christian based game I am developing now.

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