I started writing manga in 2012. My first interest was Shounen manga, but I later started writing in other genres. They are written traditional to the Japanese manga. I took a course on Manga Production and Faculty of Manga to better understand Japanese Manga entertainment.


Ongoing Projects

  1. Shounen Series: My first Shounen series, which is actually the first manga I will publish. Genres: Shounen, Action/Adventure, Comedy, Horror, Paranormal.
  2. Tournament Shounen Series: This project is my second Shounen series I have created. It is actually a generational Tournament series. 
  3. Shoujo: Originally this was a novel, but I converted it into a manga series. It is my first Shoujo series I have created. The main character is considered Yandere. Genres: Shoujo, Psychological horror.
  4. Paranormal Shounen Series
  5. Magical Girl Series 
  6. Psychological Horror Series: A dark series with a lot of psychotic characters.
  7. Historical Shoujo: This manga is based upon a traditional Japanese historical event. It is Action/Adventure.

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