In 2012, I started projects for documentary and historical film scripts. I am not sure if I want to write scripts for film, TV shows, screenplays or commercials.

Ongoing Projects

1.) My first project for screenwriting is for a 1910's historical event. Details cannot be shared yet, but I am currently doing lots of research on the event in order to create a new perspective on this story. 

2.) The second is more like a biography about an American president. I am currently trying to pick the most interesting president to base my script upon. 

3.) A script based upon the American Civil War and Abraham Lincoln. It covers a lot of historical events for politics in the 1860's. 

4.) The fourth project is based upon a 1955 Japanese historical event. I wanted to write about this particular event after running across an article about it. 

5.) The fifth script project is under debate. Since already creating a game concept and script, and also a book series for this story, I considered creating a fictional Kdrama. This is known as a Korean Drama or a Korean series. If confirmed, this will be the first fictional project I created for my screenwriting career. 

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